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Published on November 1st, 2011 | by Mithil Bhatia


Petitions against new Google Reader: 10,000 Users Sign Petition to Save Old Version

Last week, Google officially announced that it is going to streamline Google Reader with a new design that will bring Reader and Google + closer together and the transformation has just taken place. A key change brought to Google Reader is the removal of friending, following and shared link features. With the disappearance of such services, peoples are unable to share their stories and comments outside Google +1 Circles.

Now that the new transformed Reader is launched, Google is facing Scrutiny from a group of Iranian activists (The ShareBros) over the removal of social features from Google Reader. According to Mashable, “a maniacally dedicated community of Google Reader users was able to share stories and comments with each other until Monday, when the new version of Reader forced them to start using Google+. But the Sharebros are not taking the snub lying down.”

Google announced this changes last week and since then, more than 10,000 Sharebros have signed a petition against Google, which was created by Brett Keller, a student from Washington D.C.. “Google Reader has died”, “don’t kill Google Reader”, “Save Google Reader” or “Return my Google Reader back” and even hashtags like #OccupyGoogleReader are just some examples of the many messages that can be read on Twitter and other Social Networking Sites.

This Reaction was expected as the Google removed the fundamental sharing options and has forced users to share their stories and comments through Google +1 Circle users.

The Petition reads as:
“Dear Google: many of us have been faithful users of your Reader for years. It’s central to our daily information consumption routines. Reader builds tremendous good will from a core group of heavy Internet users, leading us to recommend this and your other services to our friends. Eliminating Google Reader or its features (like following friends’ shared items) is short-sighted…..”

Although, Google is trying to convince Sharebros Community to transfer their following to Google+ circles, it seems they are hardly interested.

Also, one of the tech-savvy member of the Sharebros Community, Francis Cleary has decided to build a Google Reader Replacement. He will probably create a new social website for the RSS-feeds that will keep all the removed features.

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