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Apple iPhone 4S Battery issues

Published on October 31st, 2011 | by Mithil Bhatia


How to fix iPhone 4S Battery from Draining Fast

After the grand success of Apple iPhone 4S, with over thousands of iPhone 4S owners have reported that the device has suffered a drop of 10% each hour in standby mode, even after turning off location services and Siri. This issue seems to only affect a small number of users, although Apple’s discussion forums are still receiving huge messages from owners who have similar problems.

So far Apple has not commented officially on this issue, but Apple’s engineers have already made contact with several of the affected users to install a monitoring program with which Apple claims to find the reason for the rapid draining of the battery as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, the new phones might come with tons of features, they still lack the efficient battery consumption. We have found some fixes and tweaks for the iPhone 4S battery that may prevent its fast draining. Have a look:

Resolving iCloud Syncing: MacWorld’s Christopher Breen reported that one of the sources of fast draining of battery could be the use of iCloud Syncing. He said “Thе iPhone appeared tο bе іn a crashing loop … Anԁ thіѕ wаѕ butchery thе battery”. Breen himself found a fix – “I switched off contact syncing in iCloud. I returned to System Activity Monitor and everything settled down”, that’s in this case, wiping the phone and then syncing via iCloud may solve the problem or simply disable iCloud if it is of no use to you.

Setting Time Zone: The Time Zone Settings under Location Services in iOS seems to be running at the back even when doesn’t required, which results in excessive battery drain. This can be fixed by simply turning it off through Settings > Location Services > System Services. However, it’s not a perfect fix as it just disable the feature for automatic setting of Time Zone of iPhone as and when required, but reduces battery drain to some extent.

Disabling Push and Notification services: These are the primary source of draining battery as they requires internet connection. Turn it off and other relevant features that uses internet often through Settings tab.

Location-based Reminders: Reminder works wіth Siri tο set-up reminders for locations based triggers. Thе location-based reminder service constantly checks GPS, thereby sucks huge battery.

Calibrate your battery: Battery Calibration is not of that much use to Lithium technology, but doing so once a month might shape up your phone’s battery well. This is also suggested by Apple in its service manual.

While, it is disturbing that so quickly this problem arrives in the operation of the new device from Apple, we welcome Tim Cook and company to react quickly and to heed the comments in a help forum, taking user concerns very seriously and giving a formal follow-up. Probably, Apple will soon resolve this issue with a Software update.

Also, turning off all the above features for the sake of battery doesn’t make any sense. If you are ones who is in possession to purchase the new Apple iPhone 4S, have you noticed that the battery lasts less than you would expect?

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