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Published on October 16th, 2011 | by Mithil Bhatia


Best sites for downloading movies, music and series online

Video portals like YouTube are a great resource for sharing videos over the web but if looking for high quality content and also have the official purchase of the producers, you have to find specialized platforms. The same goes for audio distribution officially. Companies has enter into agreements with various services in order to issue and sell their music.

This Post Features the analysis and review of top 10 rated Online Audio and Video repositories. The list includes – Amazon, Apple iTunes Store, Microsoft Zune, Miro, Sony Qriocity, Netflix, Jamendo, Napster, Spotify and last but not the least Rhapsody .

Amazon MP3 Store began in 2007, being the first to sell songs without DRM at very competitive prices and excellent recommendation engine.
In the segment of the sale and rental of films, the heiress of Amazon Unbox (2006), Amazon Video On Demand, stands by the quality of video compression and competitive price, often better than the iTunes Store. Instead, it is not as elegant as Apple’s, although we can enjoy trailers, movies or series in HD before purchasing.
Web: Amazon.com
Best: Good movie catalog, sections highlighted and recommendations. Competitive prices.
Worst: The appearance of the control interface.

Jobs’s attempt to conquer the living room.
The proposal that comes from the Cupertino giant find practically everything a user could want: A platform with a catalog full sections of both audio and video, with access from both Apple devices and Windows PCs, and all kinds of help to make the experience as round as possible.
In this sense, Apple Store is nourished with trailers, high-definition content, previewing songs or full compatibility with Apple TV, a device that attempts to define the gateway to these multimedia catalogs from the television in our home.
Web: www.apple.com/itunes/
Best: User Interface. Comprehensive catalog.
Worst: High prices for video content, especially in the case of HD content.

Microsoft’s Good intentions, but still discreet catalog.
The Microsoft online store for audio and video has taken the name of its not so famous multimedia portable player and extended its ability to offer a catalog of content that we can enjoy from a computer run by Windows, a phone Windows Phone 7 or Xbox 360.
Integration with these solutions is perfect, but also limits its expansion to other platforms. The interface and the staging of the store is remarkable, although still has to grow in content, especially video.
Web: www.zune.net
Best: Good range of music.
Worst: Limited films catalogue. Need to download additional applications for the PC.

4. MIRO:
This application, formerly known as Democracy Player, is designed to serve as a tool to enjoy TV on the Internet and has native clients for the three major operating systems.
Miro integrates an RSS aggregation and BitTorrent client to download these audio and video content directly, plus a multimedia player (the famous VLC) to play the downloaded material. The offer of content is very interesting thanks to the RSS feeds and also include videos in high definition.
Web: www.getmiro.com
Best: Client platform, interface and integration of BitTorrent client.
Worst: Requires some deep knowledge.

Sony’s attempt to compete with iTunes or Amazon.
This service, with the unusual name (pronounced like “curiosity”), comes from the giant Sony, a firm that does not seem long to find their way in the segment of audiovisual content, despite having a distributor firm, one of the most important on the planet.
Qriocity offers video content on demand to the style of other services, and audio content through Music Unlimited platform that will soon launch. The service is designed especially to be enjoyed in Bravia TVs and some Blu-ray, which limits its popularity on others.
Web: www.qriocity.com
Best: Nice contents and good reach at global market.
Worst: video catalog limited (no series). Music downloads are not yet available. Not available for India.

For a long time, Netflix was famous for its movie rental service by mail, but then supplemented this with the option of subscribing to video streaming where we can watch episodes of television series and movies.
The consortium with the three major consoles on the market (Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) has prompted the use of this service, which is also available for PCs (through Silverlight from Microsoft), iPhone and iPad. For now, Netflix only operates in the U.S. and it is considering expansion in other parts too.
Web: www.netflix.com
Best: Great integration with video game consoles. Comprehensive catalog of video contents.
Worst: Inelegant interface. Not in India.

A repository for independent artists
The service offered by Jamendo for sales and distribution of music is very different from other alternatives: Jamendo is a community of free, legal and unlimited music published under Creative Commons licenses.
It also makes use of the protocol BitTorrent and eDonkey2000 to download albums.
Web: www.jamendo.com
Best: Using Creative Commons licenses and open formats like Ogg Vorbis audio.
Worst: Catalogue very small. Confusing interface.

Napster, the pioneer of digital music, offers the ultimate in interactive music experiences, creating better ways to discover, share, acquire and enjoy music anytime, anywhere. The company’s flagship service, Napster, is the ultimate digital music package, offering unlimited on-demand music streaming, via any PC or certain Internet connected TVs and home audio devices, as well as downloadable songs for one’s permanent collection playable on any MP3 compatible device, including iPod, iPhone, and all music-enabled mobile phones. The service is designed for the U.S. market, but again the use of proxies provides access to its options from anywhere in the world.
Best: Access to the entire catalog directly from any device.
Worst: The recommendation engine is limited.

The musical revolution continues to thrive.
The ability to access all extensive catalogues of songs and albums for free and its benefits have made the SPOTIFY a choice for millions of people. Interestingly, it is present in most of countries but not in the U.S., where they are trying to reach agreements with record labels.

Web: www.spotify.com
Best: Available for multiple platforms. Free and chargeable subscription versions.
Worst: No recommendation engine.

Rhapsody platform was launched in December 2001 and although it is available only in the U.S. officially, you can access it through proxies, and its online radio from around the world. The downloaded files include its own DRM platform, called Helix, which is present in both file formats, WMA and MP3.
Its catalog is extensive and also offers a subscription service that makes for a certain monthly fee (from $10 per month).
Web: mp3.rhapsody.com
Best: Good catalog, interesting flat rate subscription.
Worst: Presence of DRM platform.

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